Pepe x Valentines


Film, Art Direction, PR

The Challenge

Pepe is one of the football world’s hard men. He has a reputation as being an enforcer for one of the world’s biggest teams – Real Madrid. He was once banned for 10 consecutive games for his unsavory on-field exploits. So our solution focused on playing him in a role completely out of character.

Our Response

We decided to show Pepe’s softer side. On Valentine’s day. A music video parody, where he is sat at the piano, seemingly declaring his undying some for somebody. It’s assumed that his love is for a woman, but eventually the film reveals that Pepe is singing to his Umbro Speciali boots.

1 million views within the first 3 days

Umbro – Pepe x Valentines
Umbro – Pepe x Valentines
Umbro – Pepe x Valentines