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Johnnie Walker House

Art Direction, Design, Packaging

The Challenge

Celebrate the opening of Johnnie Walker House at Schiphol Airport, with an exclusive set of Dutch-inspired porcelain Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles.

Our Response

As part of the first Johnnie Walker House project in China, we commissioned an illustration depicting Johnnie Walker journeying from Scotland to Shanghai way back in 1910.

So well received was that idea, that now, whenever a new Johnnie Walker House pops up in a new country (like in the Netherlands, for example) we work with a resident artist to depict the Striding Man’s journey from Scotland to that part of the world.

This time we collaborated with the wonderful Dutch illustrator, Merijn Hos, whose creation is as fantastic as it is bonkers. Cheers.

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Schiphol Bottles
Schiphol Bottles